This mystical artifact has been imbued with the power of the gods and holds within it the secrets to unlocking the trials of Messana. Use it wisely and with caution, for it will guide you through the formidable challenges that lie ahead and help you succeed where others have failed.

You must be brave and resourceful, and above all, you must believe in the power of the divine spirits to guide you on your quest.

Succeeding at the trails of Messana is a task that one can not do alone. We will need the commitment of a community. Messana can only rise if we rise together.

Should you answer the spirits’ call, you will have to pass the test of the fire god’s forge, starting with the ascension of his mighty mountain.


The journey begins with the Shadow Box

Airdropped to DGFamily Box holders, the Shadow Boxes contain the spirits of Messana’s advanced but lost in time civilization. The shadows of the past contain the entirety of the Messana people’s wisdom and craft. What is contained within these Boxes represents both the past and the future. With the divine return of Messana, the Shadow Boxes become the key to unlocking this new world– a futuristic civilization infused with ancient wisdom.

In the coming months, holders of the Shadow Boxes will embark on an adventure of great importance. Those who emerge triumphant from the trials shall be deemed as the chosen ones; anointed with the celestial blessings of the divine powers, these holders will influence the very fabric of Messana, forging a world that is a reflection of their identity and imagination.

Get a Shadow Box




Messana began under the code name Project ID, introduced as part of the DGFamily Box roadmap. The project was later revealed to be a unique PFP project that involves participation and co-creation by the community, along an unfolding storyline. Messana PFPs will honor the craftsmanship and design heritage of Dolce&Gabbana, while weaving in the identities of the DGFamily holders.

In order to participate in the story of Messana, you will need to hold a Shadow Box NFT. Holders of DGFamily Box NFTs were airdropped Shadow Boxes at no cost to them. No additional Shadow Boxes have been offered for public sale. You can purchase a Shadow Box on the secondary market. As always, be certain that you are purchasing from the official link.

While the details of this are shrouded in mystery for the moment, the holders of Shadow Boxes will be embarking on an adventure together, and will be called upon to complete several trials. By doing so, they will be able to influence the rebirth of Messana with their own identities and imaginations.

The exact price and supply of the Messana NFT collection has not yet been revealed, however there will be a public sale that takes place through allowlist allocation. Details on this will be shared closer to the mint date.

We have not yet revealed the date for the Messana mint. To stay up to date on the unfolding story, make sure you are following Messana on Twitter and have joined the UNXD Discord server. All updates will be posted on both of these channels.

In order to be eligible for a free mint of a PFP (excl. gas fees), you will need to participate in every one of the four trials of Messana. As a starting point, you will need to hold both a DGFamily Box and a Shadow Box. As they become known, more details on each of the trials will be shared on this website and on the Messana Twitter account as well as the UNXD Discord channels.

f you hold a DGFamily Box, and sell your Shadow Box, you will have a chance of minting a Messana PFP in the public sale. However, without holding a Shadow Box you will not be able to benefit from the participatory element of the collection, which will be unfolding through the four trials of Messana, leading up to the mint.

The final mint will not be free to holders of only the DGFamily Box.

If you hold a Shadow Box, and participate in at least some of the trials, you will be able to mint a Messana NFT. Your mint will include elements of personal expression, depending on your participation in the four trials of Messana. By holding a Shadow Box, you will be able to participate in the unfolding story of Messana, and will receive powerful benefits along the way.

The final mint will not be free to holders of only the Shadow Box.

We will be releasing a select number of Messana PFPs for public sale, so it is possible that you will be able to mint one by securing an allowlist spot. However, without holding a Shadow Box you will not be able to benefit from the participatory element of the collection.

To stay updated on the Messana narrative, and to be certain that you are completing all of the trials successfully, it is recommended to follow Messana on Twitter: @Messana_xyz.
We will be hosting frequent Twitter spaces, so be sure to join those for more information!

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By joining, you will have access to news and updates, and will be able to chat with others about the

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